Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday Morning 03:17 hrs

So it is done I guess. Have 35 days left in Bombay, after which I will leave for Home, and when I return for my winter project, it will be with L'Oreal in Pune.

And thats where life is taking me for the next few years. So I plan to soak up as much of this amazing city as I can in the time I have left. Someone told me today that the texture of my writing is changing, that it feels older. I am getting older, not a good sign.

Do I just write or am I what you would call a "writer" ? Many years ago, people would relate to what I wrote, and tell me about how they were going through the same damn thing, and we would laugh about it. Good times.

Now I've become so thoroughly psychotic and weird, that hardly anyone I know would relate to me, but still I manage to hang on to a few friends that I have and fewer readers that are kind enough to visit my humble blog. By the way, for all those of you who feel like total screw ups and colossal failures in life, there is something I'd like to say. I recently read that " a man who has friends cannot be a failure ". I totally concur, obviously if he has even one single friend, he atleast has kindness in him and that will be his light at the end of the tunnel. Everything happens for a reason, that kindness also will help in some way or the other. You'll see. Anyway, I just wanted to say this, not that I'm feeling like a screw up or anything, for anyone who knows me and my narcisstic ways, you will know I don't operate like that.

I'm always conflicted, whether to believe if our path has been pre-written or whether it is a matter of choice and consequence. Cause and Effect as Men of Science would say. But I have no regrets, all the choices I've made, every mistake I've made have lead to the path I'm on right now. I'm sure everyone of you must think the same. Yes, now I have you dear reader, you relate to me now. And let me cast a little spell on you, everytime you think of pre written paths, cause and effect or no regrets, I , Aditya Narayanan will immediately come to your mind.

My fan has been possessed by some demonic spirit and is creaking way too much. I cleaned it a few days ago, cause and effect you think ?!

No, thats just me wondering how I'm ever going to fall asleep.


Siddhesh said...

Hey congrats Adi for L'Oreal

NG said...

Love the 4th para of your post...Surprisingly, today was the day I had to feel like I've lost more friends than I've made...& I'll have to say your line about having even a single friend did make me feel a little better about myself :)

ghfg said...

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