Monday, November 16, 2009

It gets harder

I know I'm getting old, but this in insane. I have been finding it increasing difficult to study for an exam. So I face an uphill task now. I have a mid term tomorrow. So you can probably understand my state of mind now.

I will be writing what will hopefully be the last exams of my life, so thats gonna be something I will be looking forward to see the end of. Funnily, most of my creative surges and urges come during those late hours spending mugging from books during the exams. So in a very weird way, they are not too bad for me also.

I think I might even miss the tension of the exams, not that I ever had too much tension, but nevertheless, the blithe of being a student will certainly be missed.

The weather here in Bombay is super by the way, cloudy and pleasant. The mist suspended over the pond makes me smile everytime I look at it. NITIE will be surely be missed. But I have a new city to look forward to, and miles to go before I sleep...

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