Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Been here, seen that

In my last one and a half years here in Bombay, I have been through the 26/11 terror attacks, Swine Flu, a near miss cyclone, a couple of horrible movies and the traffic that we hear so much about.

Experiences always educate you. Fear, Courage, Doubt, Trust, Stupidity , Shrewdness. All with fine lines between each other.
I have made great friends, I have also earned my share of criticism.
I have been tactful, I have also been very childish.
I have seen people come together to pray. I have seen people wait together to beat up someone.
I have embraced chaos during trying times. I have experienced serenity in the peace.
I have always tried to be encouraging. I make it a point to be straightforward.
I practise, thus I preach.

Like a friend of mine once told me, " It will always be good eventually. Always. "
Its all about living it up.


Akshata said...

Completely agree with what your friend said. Everything happens for a purpose, and a good one.

Inside Memories said...

As they say life is the best teacher...we all grow with every passing second, filling our lives with new experiences...a well written thoughtful post...good that u have become a regular in blogging now...keep it up

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