Monday, November 23, 2009

Love thy Neighbour

Great news. My neighbour has converted his L'Oreal pre placement interview. So now we will heading to Pune together. Always good to have a known face in an unknown land.

Watched three good new releases -
1. State of Play
2. The Great Raid
3. 500 days of Summer
Now Summer is one movie that most of us will relate to.

Otherwise life is pretty much mundane. Eating out everyday, sleeping for 14 hrs a day. Not doing anything physical. Blogging(now there's something useful).

The weather here is getting super. The mist is really thick in the campus these days and my weird sleep timings help me take full pleasure of the early mornings.
Am I looking forward to moving to Pune ?
Dunno. I have to though. Obviously the purpose of life is to move forward. But there will be a part of me, that will be left behind here. No sadness though.

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