Sunday, November 15, 2009

At long last

Yes ! This is a shout out to all those horror movie lovers. Finally a movie called "Paranormal Activity" has just made me sit up and take notice. Thanks to Anirudh for suggesting, so now I'm going to suggest this to you.

Caveat : Do not watch it alone.

Screw IMdb. Screw what the reviews have to say. Watch it and you won't be disappointed.

What else did I do today ? Same old sunday routine. Wake up late. Disappointing Lunch. Two movies in a row. Laundry in between. I have actually discovered that doing my own laundry saves me around Rs.300 a month and whats more my clothes smell better. Went out for dinner with the Mad Scientist. Then it was HORROR MOVIE TIME.

Now its back to same old weekdays, not like they make a difference at NITIE, but nevertheless, they are weekdays. I have "some" classes to attend atleast.

PS: The fan is still possessed. Now I believe it is all the more true after watching PA


NG said...

I'd have to disagree with your choice here Adi...I think PA was one of the worst attempts @ a horror movie!!! The Ring & The Exorcist hardly scared me...But I still had a level of respect for the makers of those movies...

But PA was a joke! I could've slept through it :P Overhyped in NITIE atleast ;)

ghfg said...

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