Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anger Management

There seems to be a lot of anger inside of me these days.
I'm angry with those people who are raping this planet, who are just taking and taking and taking without considering what it would mean for their children and grandchildren.
I'm angry that there are hardly any classes these days, my mind needs to be distracted.
I'm angry when weekends come, because its just a whole lot more time to sit and brood.
I'm angry that immaturity exists.
I'm enraged with the month of October, nothing good ever happens to me in this month.
I'm angry that Hypocrisy is becoming a way of life for the generations of today, too much Machiavellianess in them.
I'm angry that single screen theatres are slowly dying out.
I'm angry that I haven't found a Helix in Bombay, I miss those sunday afternoon conversastions.
The only good thing thus far has been my rediscovery of the radio, the best 200 rupees I've spent in the last few months.

Whatever happened to all the optimism !

"Aladin - You Maybe" is playing on the radio


Anonymous said...

what do you feel like when u see DOPEers.. :P

nice read!!!

where did u get the radio, i want to get one too...

Sharad Ragas said...

I think sometimes a lot of us get angry with people/world around us.. coz we expect them/it to function according to preset notions in our head. And unless we are some version of the holy spirit, the world does not reel around our imagination.

It's hard to control (all the time) what is outside you, I think you stand a better chance to control what's inside. Also, could lead one to happier places.

But I guess, one already knows this. Just forgets from time to time. =)

Suma said...

Helix in Bombay!!
U should.....form one there.
What do you think of the Traffic police handing over a challan for no fault of yours??? That angers me. Makes me think about the sorry state of our country!!

Anonymous said...

Not angry, but do mail your phone number? As requested?


other half :) said...

i agree with the oct.. i used to love the month. not this time :( *hugs*

ghfg said...

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