Monday, November 30, 2009

The King of all Weekends

Day 1 :
Woke up late as usual. Then went to pick Ma at the airport. Was super excited that she was visiting. Brought her to campus, called my friends over, started intros. Then took her on the Campus tour. Although she didn't complain, she came back and was damn tired.
Guilty as charged ! You can't take a 51 yr old on a mini trek without warning.
Took her to HN in the evening. And then called it a day.

Day 2 :
I hardly slept. Amidst meetings and assignments, I woke up at 330 am, and the both of us left for Dadar. Here it is in Timeline :
5 am -> Sealink
5.15 am -> Siddhivinayak Temple
5.30 am - 6 -> Aarti there
6.30 am -> Mahalaxmi Temple
7.15 am -> Marine Drive & Churchgate
7.30 am -> Fast Local to Andheri
8.30 am -> Chole Bhatura breakfast in the mess
Then we came back to my room and dozed off for a while. We were invited for lunch with some family friends in Santacruz. It was a walk down memory lane, as both familes recollected their stories young parents with little children and how we had all grown up. Awesome lunch followed.
Saturday was done.

Day 3 :
Even before I was awake, Ma had come back from the girls' hostel where she was put up, and started cleaning my room. Mothers will be mothers. Then I gave her a taste of mess food which she liked, like everyone does the first time.
Then we went to HN, where she and a friend of mine went and bought my sister one of those bags that the girls keep carrying around everyday, while I went and got my father a Tshirt.

Then evening came. I went for the Graffiti on T shirts thing that the juniors had planned to kick off the Farewell party, an hour later with my T shirt almost run out of real estate. I headed.
Then came the most difficult part of the day. Picked up her stuff and went to leave Ma at the airport. I had a whale of a time and I'm hoping she did too.

The fun hadn't ended though, came back to have an awesomely awesome farewell party. Tears (not mine), Crazy dancing (definitely me), Videos and lots of other things will remain etched in my memory for a long time to come.

PS: I'm going home soon.


Akshata said...

It was indeed an awesome weekend... n u rocked the party :P

NG said...

I'll have to agree with Akshata...U were the soul of the party yday...will def be missed :)

Nilohitha said...

whats HN? and i want that bag too and wish u had put up a pic with mum :)

Cybertron said...

Nice adi...hope u enjoyed the last days of ur education!!!

Did u really see nothing but the eye? said...

cheers mate, uv become a poet, in my estimation.

ur showing the signs of becoming an emotionally sensitive writer (not senti), and dude, i really mean that as a compliment.

Enjoy the ride.

Vasu said...

picturela naan enga kanom?

ghfg said...

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