Friday, December 04, 2009

My mail to IMPACT 16, my junior committee members

After a truly psychedelic and memorable party, this was a mail that I had sent to them.
There are people, and then there are people. For all my lifetime that will follow, there will be a special bunch of 8( ie. Impact 15) and another special bunch of 12 (ie. you guys) that will forever remain stamped in the pages of my life.

I have been frustrated with you all many a time, but you have proved to me that you are a force to reckon with. The energy, the dedication with which you guys work is phenomenal.

Today's party will probably be the last times I will spend with most of you, I'm not much of the sentimental types, but I'd still give all you buggers a super huge hug from my side. It was wonderful for all you guys to come up with the quiz and gifts for all of us.

We will all move on in life, go to various parts of the world, but with us will remain our anecdotes, our memories and our friendships.

May you all go to happy places in life and high places if you choose to do so, happy places obviously are more important. And remember, let the fire within never die.

PS: I like Akshata's status message. It reads - TONIGHT WAS STRAIGHT OUT OF OUR DREAMS.
It really was.


Vasu said...

Adangu da dei :P

Deena said...

It was really an awesome party !!

Farewell is for those who depart.. not for us.. we may not be in closer proximity, but again that's only by geography..

we had lots of fun, Cherishable moments, togetherness !!

IMPACT Rocks !!

Vasu said...

@Deena Neeyum adangu da dei :P

ghfg said...

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