Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just another day

Woke up late
Did some crunches
Missed class
Washed clothes
Had a steaming hot bath
Had lunch
Read the Ian Rankin book that I picked up at the Bandra festival
Uploaded photos on Facebook
Looked at other people's photos
Debated about Telangana
Convinced people that it wasn't needed
Played catch with myself in the room
Watched a Telugu movie with a friend
Read some interesting articles

Now I'm wondering what to write about, and so, I'm implementing my formula for Amateur Writer's Block. It says - WRITE ABOUT MUNDANE EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES. Someone will find romance in them.

But I'm also afraid, that if I keep writing about my everyday activities, people will get real bore because most of the stuff is bound to repeat itself. Also they will start thinking that I do not have anything to do at all.

Speaking of something to do, I have exams in a week, 2 tests on Monday. But we all know what I'll do about that. NOTHING.

PS: I leave this place in a fortnight. Not the greatest feeling in the world. Leaving one home for another.


Anonymous said...

I do not know, I do not know

s said...

"WRITE ABOUT MUNDANE EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES. Someone will find romance in them."

i like that :)

ghfg said...

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