Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Its Winter again

I love the rains. Undeniably. But season wise, Winter will have to be the winner.

The chill in the air that makes you wanna stay tucked under the blanket for the extra half hour. The nightly walks with the windcheater on. The pleasure of having something warm to gulp. All Winter's delights.

I remember those drives to MGIT on Puppy's bike " Darth Vader". I remember the early morning walks to school before anyone got there and spoilt the silence. The problem with all us imaginative types is that, we have been spoilt rotten. Spoilt rotten by the poems of the British,the movies in New York & the books based in Europe.

This is my second Winter in Bombay and I'm not disappointed at all, it might not be as frigid as I have in other places, but its pleasant and chill enough to make me happy. I got to sit in a seaside cinema, watch theatre, walk by the Arabian Sea, even gulp down some piping hot chai on a early winter morning sitting in a lab while doing an assignment.
Travelling in winter is also a lot of fun, amidst layers of clothing. Atleast it justifies my love for jackets. I will probably get to travel this winter too. So I'm looking forward to that.

Looking to attend the Kutcheri season in Madras, The Annual Reunion in School & New Year's with old friends in Hyderabad, some amazing conversations with Paati in Mysore and roaming around in the AC buses of Bangalore.
There are people who are always associating winter with gray loneliness and misery. But for me, Winter will always be a cosy blanket, more sleep, hot chai, warm rasam rice and Hyderabad all lit up for Christmas and the New year.

Seasons Greetings to all of you !

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