Saturday, December 12, 2009

As the clock ticks

As time flies, I have a few things to say today.

1. Happy Birthday Rajinikanth. The man who rose from being nothing to almost Divine heights. Despite what people have to say, he is certainly an idol. (Not to mention,his younger daughter is very pretty)

2. Telangana : What the hell is happening ? One man doesn't eat and holds a whole Govt to a ransom. Obviously I'm against the splitting of the state, but the violence and bringing the state to a standstill is just uncalled for.
The people in Telangana face a lot of misery, I agree, but the focus should be to bring development to one's own constituency. So the onus I believe lies on the MPs & MLAs of the Telangana region. Making a state for the profit of one party(one man) is stupidity in my opinion. We are not even as big and unmanageable like UP.
Anyway, not like one random blogger is going to make a difference in this world ? Or is he ?

3. We had the last farewell party last night given to us by our ISEM juniors. It was awesomely awesome as I expected. But the card that they made will probably be the toast of the night. This is what I looked in the card. Amazing design guys !


nativealien said...

love the card! perfect!

youknowwho said...

I think so too. Cute and Smart. Just like the adi I know

ghfg said...

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