Sunday, December 06, 2009

Contemporary Bollywood Music & 239 FM

A few years ago, I would not have been quite into Bollywood music. But now thanks a radio station next door, and excessive dependence on the radio on my phone during the tiresome commutes in Bombay, I can brag about a decent amount of knowledge about Contemporary Bollywood Music.

A host of new music directors and changing musical sensibilities have given a fresh new face to the tunes on the air these days. The old ones will not bow that easily too.
Ilayaraja is truly a man blessed by Goddess Saraswathi herself. A.R.Rehman, Oscars and Awards are no measure of his genius. With a lot of free time, I have also found the time to refresh the songs of the 80s which I believe are the true melodies of life, Tamil Music of the 80s and Hindi music of the late 70s, early 80s.

This is a photo of the Radio Station - 239 F(or)M(usic) with RJ Ambu - (click on the pic to see a better resolution or ping me)


Unknown said...

Never a dull moment with the radio on air.
Have had some major emotional rollercoasters lstening to 239 FM.
Rock on!!
ps: I got this bugger in the local news :P

Swathi Perabathula said...

239 FM no doubt has been a major source of entertainment at NITIE...wat a collection - songs for every mood..not to forget u get to know the mood of the RJ himself by the songs he plays ;) ;).... no matter for whom he wud have started the radio :P :P.....
@Adi : sexy pic,,,,,u seriously are doing lotsa productive stuff being vella these days :P :P

Deena said...

Amazing duo in adjacent rooms..
That too the code language you guys have is cool...
Especially the "Door knock" - "Door bang" signals.. :) :)

Sarvan said...

Ambu looks awesome in the photo.. :P and yeah, Radioheads rocks..

NG said...

A short, but good, post...RJ Ambu deserves all the laurels...If only he would play the radio more than once every 6 months...without being asked ;)

@Adi: Agree with Swathi on the pic :)
@Jainzy: Major emotional rollercoasters??!! :O

P.S. Whom did Ambu start the radio for??? ;)

ghfg said...

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