Monday, April 05, 2010

Along came April

I started writing this post as soon as I realised I was stuck on the Nelson number. So like David Shepherd, feet off the ground, I shall write. March came and went like it had somewhere to go. But that is the funny thing about time.It just zooms past.

Along came April, with all its blazing heat. It doesn't sweat in Pune, like it does in Bombay. Its more the Hyderabad kind of heat. So I do what I do when I'm in Hyd. Stay indoors most of the day. But then, there are the weekly trips to the air conditioned multiplexes & binge drinking with Tropicana or Coconut water. But do I miss those hot summer afternoons at Worli or what ?

Thanks to my summer intern company's amazing location on Annie Besant Road which is 5 mins from Haji Ali & an all access bus pass, May 09 was SoBo (South Bombay) darshan at its very best. From the crazy electronic shopping lanes of Grant Road to the plush areas of Breach Candy & Malabar Hill to the single screen theatres at Tardeo & random walks near Opera house. All on foot and by bus. No taxi business.

This April, I guess I will be working on weekdays, doing the exploration on the weekends. So man hour wise, I think the amount of exploration will be similar. But soon, Pune will run out of things to see I'm afraid. But fear not, I tell myself. The Sahyadris beckon.


Akshata said...

And when Pune runs out of things, you can come back to redicover Mumbai.

Ambujesh said...
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Ambujesh said...

saale you forgot the coin museum, five spices, jehangir art gallery, Tuborg@ Samovar, Gaylord and Eros.. :x

Quicksilver said...

of course amba ! sorry ! amazingness. we shall do it again.

Meghna said...

Don worry. Pune will never run out of things to see. Esp if u like forts and temples.
And eat the lovely food there. Did u have coffee at Durga cafe yet? (it tastes sweeter coz its only 10 bucks :) )