Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have often wondered why I have read such few books in my life. I started off reading quite a huge number when I was a kid. But somewhere down the Movies took over and well, the number of books read since then has dwindled. I'm on course to picking that up again of course, but I often wonder why I never get bored of Cinema.

I think I believe in the magic of the storyteller. Growing up, before I hit Primary school, I've been told gazillions of stories be it at bedtime by my mother and father, or at my grandmother's side. Episodes of the Mahabharata & the Ramayana were my constant favourites. I still remember how my father's stories were always about a bus, might have had something to do with him being in the Logistics industry. Ma spent a fortune on books. Walden, Pauline Book store & Gangarams must have profited hugely from my time there. Then it was the directors of films who started telling me their stories through a visual medium, and it has made an impact on my life. An impact and an affection that will always remain I suppose.

But yes, the books are making a comeback in my shelf, and now that I have started earning, a small little portion will go towards the book fund along with many other funds that I have setup. There are innumerable stories left to be told, innumberable yet to be discovered even. And my quest shall be of the "never ending" kind.


Vasu said...

Ha! I have comany. The only difference being, you have time to read, I don't! But that has not stopped me from a book buying spree. Have bought 5 books in the last couple of months :)

Anonymous said...

babe, you're a enchanting storyteller yourself

NG said...

Cinema as a medium will always be more appealing, and takes much less effort & time...But nothing can beat the beauty of reading a book and experiencing it in YOUR own special way...The feeling is magical if you get hands on the right books :)

I pick up another novel as soon as I finish one...Life seems incomplete without a book by my bedside or in my bag :)

Akshata said...

A book leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader. Though writers do create the entire setting, it is all upto the reader to imagine the place, the exact features, the clothes, the emotions, the colors! And readers generally do a good job.

Quicksilver said...

Maybe its the best readers who become the best storytellers. And yes Imagination. :)