Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekends and Overcast skies

What is it about Pune Summers and overcast skies ? Of course, I know I'm being too fast in judging this place. But for the last 2 fridays, the Pune skyline has been overcast and its the same this thursday evening also.

Of course, not like I'm complaining or anything, today being Earth day and all. The Scorched Mother Earth could do with a shower. The sensual smell of wet mud before the imminent, one of the most brilliant fragrances ever, followed closely by Petrol & Davidoff's Cool Waters(the female one). If someone can actually make a fragrance out of it, I might just be tempted to buy it maybe.

There are lots of movies in the pipeline for me this weekend, apart from the IPL matches.
How to train your dragon
The Bounty Hunter
Lalbaug Parel

Need to find time to visit a mall called Lifecycle, believe it or not, this is a place in Pune which is a mall dedicated entirely to bicycles and their accessories. Should be fun. Also I'm considering doing a "once-a-month-cycle-to-work" day. I'll just have to make sure I don't have any important meetings that day( knowing my tendency to sweat even in the dry environs of Hyderabad and Pune).

Watch this space for more boring tidbits about an average 23 year old's life.

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