Sunday, April 18, 2010

Express Morning

After Weird morning, it is now my turn to write about an express crazy morning.

After a bus ride from Hyderabad, I reached Pune's Mobus Court by 7.15 (45 mins later than scheduled time I might add). As I was getting out, the bus for Nigdi just passed and I was cursing my luck, I could have gotten home by 8 if I had caught that bus. The next bus came at 7.30.

I was nervously counting the minutes,the bus arrived at Nigdi at 8.05. It was pretty quick since it was early Monday morning, otherwise it usually takes around 45 mins. I sprinted for a kilometre, stopping to catch my breath three times while cursing my present fitness levels.

Got home at 8.12, brushed and bathed in record time. Then I put on the office clothing & then things got down to breathing pace again. Caught the bus on time at 8.30 and the rest as they say is History.

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