Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Normal Service Resumed

So I'm back ,after two whole months of web silence I thought it was high time I infused life in my dearly beloved blog. Also, I seem to have caught a break from the everyday workload. Today seems a little lighter.

The boat has been rocked severely in the past month, infact it came close to capsizing also, but God (read as Special Requirement for Resource)threw me a lifejacket. Excuse the metaphors, but I guess it was a much needed wake up call towards the harsh truth of life, since I was beginning to get quite complacent. So now, the shield is back and battle ready. I have since then, come back to Pune and life has probably come back to normal.

I'm working in a field that I'm passionate about, so no clash of heart and head happens. Having a day job saving the world's resources, on a very micro level albeit is quite a brownie point for the conscience. At work, I have a desk which is adjacent to a huge glass slab, so it makes for an energy efficient office and gives me a large scope to look out onto the premises and day dream. It would have been an ideal location for my last bench days during Engineering, which were spent day dreaming of the future. There are obviously many choices, many factors that have influenced my being at this point in time at this place, but I would contribute a major portion of the pie to my day dreams.

Not taking a poke at the much discussed topic of the movie "Inception", I would urge everyone to dream. I know, I still dream. Honest advice though, don't dream while driving.I speak from personal experience.

Now playing - Maathey from Morning Raga

PS: Proud Moment, after 5 yrs, I finally have a new phone. A Blackberry at that.

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hmm :) .. just a matter of time...