Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fingerlickin' Good

What more can you ask for on a lazy Sunday morning. Pedro and I braved the rain to go have the most yummmazing breakfast in a long time. A gorgeous dosa with sexy molagapodi(chilli powder) and hot filter kaapi. It doesn't get any better than this ladies and gents. I think I'm so much in love with my breakfast today,that I don't think I want to corrupt the lingering taste by having lunch. So today I shall fast, until I get hungry again that is.


bluebassangel said...

ah! the edibles look super,the blog sooper-er! oodles to the candidness in writing..awesome stuff..
I shall comment individually though,in leisure.
ps: this blog inspires me to resume:)

Sharad Ragas said...

Watta! Watta!

Amy's Blogspace said...

wooooow i love this food. and i ever wished to have this.