Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The rush of one's own earnings !

"How things have changed ?",I smile to myself these days. I've been on my own money for 4 months now. Its more than enough to sustain my expenses and do some spending.

I hang out with Abhijit, a good friend of mine from my engineering days almost every weekend in Pune City, exploring and eating out. He works at a PR firm. So he is doing pretty well too. We often reminisce of the way we were a few years ago. Those were the days when we were always doing monetary calculations.
Budgets for treats.
Sharing dishes when we realised the place was quite expensive.
Cost cutting at every step of the way.
But of course, these statements hold good only for the ones who felt guilty about spending their parents' money.

But now things are different, we have our own cash to burn. Abhijit & I are often spending on each other, occasionally we smile to ourselves and say - if this was back in college, this money would have gotten on the I Owe You list, but not now.

Its a rush to have one's own earnings to blow up. That being said, I still have a bad habit asking my folks for loose change.

- Good to know somethings don't change. -


Divya said...

Tell me, does the "I owe you list" completely disappear once work begins? It does not become, "I owe you really really big time right?"

Unknown said...

Everything is fine - but you owe me a treat... Do u remember that? :)

Akshata said...

Try doing some shopping with Mom n pay for all the stuff u buy...Moms hate that :)

suma said...

haha....good one !!

Jaya Lalwani said...

Those were d days.... *sigh*