Thursday, August 12, 2010

Same old Same old

Yes thats something I've been saying too often to too many people. Five days of the week are good, the daytimes keep me occupied, the nights are majorly for entertaining myself & well earned sleep.

As I might be mentioning for the three hundred and forty seventh time, weekends are cool too. Major activities include laundry,napping,TV,reading,Pune exploring and eating out.So they keep me quite busy too. But this post is not about my schedule now, is it.

Its true what they say you know,about the Devil taking over when you are idle and making your head his workshop and all that. I'm sure this would have come up somewhere earlier in this blog incase you've ever had the patience to skim through the older posts or better yet, if you have been a regular in this space.

The commute from Factory to Home and back just scares me, its free time, thats where the Blackberry comes in handy to keep oneself busy. Someone on facebook recently said something very profound, but true, that the key to happiness is a bad memory. That is something I have not been blessed with, but the courage to move on is something that I have imbibed. Thats how life works, right.

It throws shit your away, you maneuver around, use a few counter measures, evade and survive, we move on. But this is something that puzzles me, if we move on, it does not mean that we leave all the happy memories behind. Case in point being,my alma mater. I had immense fun, met some great people, learned so much and even owe where I am in life today to that place. But strangely,I do not yearn of it like so many others do. There could be many reasons to it, and I obviously am not going to sit and analyse them. Purpose of this post - To let everyone know, whatever happens, Forward is the only way to go. The past may guide us, but only the the Future will define us.

*Wow ! Good Line that - guiding and defining. Pats self on back*


Vasu said...

Wow... Awesome closing line! :)

There is no use in having a past if it is going to hold you back. As long as we don't forget where we came from and who all we have met, forward is the way... (am i making sense?)

One a separate note, I have inculcated a new habit of reading during the commute to and fro office. Life roxx!! :)

bluebassangel said...

Haha @'the secret to happiness is a bad memory',ridiculously true!
Super ending, real yet optimistic :)

Deenadayalan said...

True.. Nice thoughts... !!