Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Nuances of a Godly life

Do you believe in God ? Well whatever might be your answer to the question,do read on.
How did the whole hierarchy of Gods come together ?
Who decided that any particular individual would be a god ?
Was there politics involved ?
Were Shiva,Vishnu & Brahma the leaders of the coalition government ?
Who decided that Vayu, was the God of the Wind & Surya, the Sun God ?
Did the people actually believe in these leaders ?
Did a democracy exist or was it a totalitarian state (from the looks of it was the latter, coz this government still stands) ?
Did the Gods order Dronacharya to teach Ekalavya just coz he was ST rather than the Pandavas who were obviously OC or back then was there any reservation at all ?
Was Lord Krishna, a Pg 3 regular ?
Did Krishna & Sudhama own a chariot with a side carriage & sing, "Yeh dosti hum nahi chodenge" ?
Did the opposition of the Rakshasas actually win any seats in the House Of the Gods ?
Did Vishnu command the most powerful army in the world ? (The Narayani Sena)
Did Kings play the role of modern Sarpanches ?
Did Taxila & Nalanda universities have attendance compulsions ?
Did these places call for decent clothes ?
Did the students protest ?
Was Arjuna given the status of Tendulkar & Yudhishtir the place of Ganguly ?
Was chariot racing dominated by a certain German ?
Did the subjects allow plays hurting a religion's sentiments to be performed or were they met with oppostion like the Da Vinci Code ?
Did the students have 2 options after their primary education like either Advanced Weaponry or Kingdom Management ala the modern MS & MBA ?
Do I know the answers to all these questions ?
Does anyone know the answers to all these questions ?


Anonymous said...

Dude,that was one of the most insane things ive ever read,made me laugh though. i have to admit though i thought about some such weird questions myself:)
keep blogging my good friend!!!

Anonymous said...

i seriously have the similar douts if any of ur reader replys u send me the reply ...

Velcro said...

dude!!!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwsum post man! very very funny...clapped to some of them...including the chariot racing - german thing... nice juxtaposing man!!

And hope the gods wont take any offence for this.. :P

Nithya said...

u made me laugh
its cute
i dnt hav answers 2 any of ur questions

Anonymous said...

a very good post!!really admirable!
i think some of the questions here are themselves answers to the major questions haunting u(s).

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd.... THAT WAS ONE HELLUVA POST!!!! from u... its like this total "i've arrived" kinda post!!! im reaallly happppyy i read that... chalo.. 10^10^10 steps higher:P:P....==>>>>masssive!! BLOG ON!!!!

Anonymous said...

anna..true genius u r ..though its funny ..but i was seriously thinkin bout ya Qs bt cud nt find 1 n will neva find 1..cuz am goin to on dude..


Anonymous said...

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