Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ironically... a week later

It seems ironic that exactly one week after my exams ended I had to go for the first movie of my summer vacations. Poseidon seemed like the best way to start of this run of movies which will last throughout the summer. It can never measure up to the original but it was fast & had you at the edge of your seat. Other movies coming up this summer are 1.The Da Vinci Code 2. X-Men 3:The Last Stand 3.MI- III Atleast these are the ones I'll be eagerly waiting for. The holidays can be fun & frustrating simultaneously. You have time to do everything you ever wanted to, but you might not have the company. Treks, Drives, Parties, Movies, Financial management yada yada yada.,lots of activities ahead. Watch this space for further developments. PS:HOPE YOU'RE HAVING FUN TOO


Velcro said...

why why why? why do u send me the link to your blog when I ex[evt something exciting to read about and it turns out to be a piece of small information????


P.S:jus check out the emoticon on YM!

Anonymous said...

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