Sunday, May 09, 2010

Is it that easy ?

You would think that you wake up one morning and feel an entire gamut of episodes in your head. You would think that it is easy to just compartmentalise each one of them, and well put pen to paper or literally speaking, put finger to keypad.

Is it that easy ?

To me writing has always been therapeutic, be it on a public forum and an awfully long mail that is, to put it subtly "saved as draft". I always wrote for myself, wrote pieces that made me ponder - either during those lonely travels or those boring afternoons. A wise man once told me that too much analysis always leads to paralysis. Yes, there could be a minor issue, analysing every little detail, every little action, wondering why that happened ? Painful, to the extent of physical pain on the upper left side of the brain. (Don't mind that, its just the overdose of medical sitcoms talking)

But I know I'm not spitting it all out. I don't need to. Things left riddles always keep me interested. Some experiences I just don't want to write about, because my words would never be able to do justice to the experience. Experiences are more often than not associated with people. Good people, each unique, each one more interesting than the other.
Its funny how people get associated with experiences - like the road trips, like the late night movies, like the rains, like those music concerts. Whats even funnier is the fact I get reminded of them each and every time I do that particular thing, albeit for a brief second.

Am I nostalgia freak ? Oui.
But in a good way. I don't sit around and sulk that those experiences won't be happening anymore. I'm like that travelling suitcase with stickers from every country it has ever been to. I don't know if I'll be there again, but I'll proudly wear that sticker.

Nostalgia is actually a far more stronger feeling for those like me, viz those cursed with boon of good memory. Talk about oxymorons. Here's another one - I have started to think that I'm simple in a very complicated kind of way. Well, I believe that should be enough for today. Someday you will find me bruised and plastered thanks to all those complications and I have a bad feeling that day is imminent.

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Akshata said...

Writing is also a way of pouring all the negativity out of your mind. It is a liberating feeling when all the hurt comes from your heart to your finger tips.