Monday, March 08, 2010

A morning like any other

I was awake by 0630 hrs. It was a chill morning, colder than usual. I got off the bed groggily, switched off the fan and promptly crept under my blanket again.

Woke up after fighting 2 snoozes at 0720, which has become a strict routine now. Went and switched on the TV, and the bugger didn't turn on. One month and already the bloody TV is acting up. Hopefully we'll get it fixed soon.

The regular morning activities keep happening, but the fun part every morning is the Music fight. Pulkit & I put on VH1 and leave the room, only to return and find some Akshay Kumar hit is playing. Courtesy - Our in house Bollywood chocolate boy - Himanshu Deshmukh aka SU. Then there is Dilip Anand aka Paedo (short for paedophile) , who is "AWESOMEY" if I could take the liberty of quoting him. His antics are material for another blogpost altoghether.

This explosive combo could give anyone a brisk start to every morning. Now its off to work and another day of saving the environment.

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mutineer said...

Seems like a fun student life all over again :)