Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Another day in Paradise

Is paradise a physical place or a place in your head ?

I realised amidst the crisp clear of the lake, as an army of bright lights that were flashing past on JVLR as I was sitting on the pavement, that it definitely is a place in my head.

I have also realised that you are respected when you window shop for deep philosophical books even if you are wearing shorts and slippers at Crossword.

I realised that lack of facial hair makes me look like I'm 16. Thankfully, the receding hairline will counter act that soon.

I realised that having a radio station next door is too much fun. Dedications are cool too. Corny but cool.

I have realised for the umpteenth time that movies of the yesteryear are so much more meaningful than the ones they make these days.

Too many realisations for one evening. I realise its time to shut up.


Vasu said...

I have realized you are pretty jobless to have done so much thinking :P

Lalitha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quicksilver said...

Ah yes ! the luxuries of the last module

NG said...

I really liked it :)
Hope I have the pleasure of reading more such posts...!!!

ghfg said...

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