Monday, July 20, 2009

And I'm back...

Woke up.
Had breakfast.
Hopped off to Project Management Class.
Wrote a test.
Screwed the test.
Tried to sneak out of class after giving attendance.
Got caught.
Sat for the next 80 minutes regretting it.
Came back to the room.
Spent some time with a close friend.
Met an injured friend.
Changed into formal clothing.
Went to meet another friend.
Slipped on the stairs near the mess.
Hurt my bottom, shoulder and my left thumb.
Went to get some work done anyway.
Came back.
Had dinner.
Went for a meeting.
Sat listening intently.
Got bored.
Came back.
Got shouted at for having bad manners.
Made the people who shouted at me smile anyway.
Got on gtalk.
Had a long "feel good" conversation.
Complained about lack of inspiration.
Realised that blogging makes me feel happy.
Felt hungry.
Ate yummy "digestive" biscuits.
Watched part of a movie.
Now 5am : Sleepy.
PS: I'm back


Vasu said...

LOL... Life has become a lot more monotonous in these single accommodating hostels. 422 used to rock! I miss 422 so much :(

Quicksilver said...

You are right man. I hardly get to see you buggers !

Manoj said...

Dude... The third line put me off. I missed my attendance twice just coz I was a few seconds late! And for the rest, I agree... Hostel 5 was better anyday...

shruti said...

spent 80 mins
and a good read :D

ghfg said...

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