Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Mundane Train Ride and An Early Midlife Crisis

Leaving home is always difficult, especially when you are treated like royalty by your parents. So as I boarded the 2nd AC compartment of the Hussainsagar Express I realised the royal treatment was continuing.

Usually I always have some kid in the seats near mine, but this time it was all old men with snow white hair. So I just jumped up onto my berth, pulled out my Outlook magazine and started reading. About two hours later, I realised that there was a plugpoint adjacent to my berth. My eyes lit up. I immediately pulled out my laptop, put the charger on and started my impromptu movie marathon. After having dinner at around 19:30, I started with one of Jim Carrey's best movies thus far, The Number 23. Then LOTR, Return of the King - Rashomon - The Fountain and half of a Tamil movie called Unnale Unnale. It was around 2:30 am when I put the laptop in my bag hoping I would sleep for an hour atleast before getting off at Kalyan Jn.

But plans never work out too well for me at such unearthly hours. There was this 60+ gentleman who was snoring so loud, he made one of the girls in the adjacent cubicle cry. It was like sleeping close to a caged tiger, a caged angry tiger might I add.

After that debacle, it was back to college and Economics and Work System Analysis and Event management. Bunked a class to catch up on some sleep. Now after finishing up with some work, was discussing some crazy things with Manisha. Then more thoughts were running around in my head, which I vented out to my neighbour and good friend Sambit.
Attending classes that don't mean a thing,
Writing exams that don't anything,
Living life like a robot made of flesh and blood.
Is there a point to all this I wonder ?

Maybe its just that I'm missing home, or slightly disoriented with things. But nevertheless, I'm bored and letting my mind wander. Sambit calls this an Early Midlife Crisis. Why me ?!

Massive Attack - Angel is filling my room. Awesome trance.


nativealien said...

If it makes you feel better, I was in limbo for like a month after I got back from my trip to India... I thought I was going through mid-life crisis, menopause, and God alone knows what all.. BUT eventually it all became ok.. and now that I look back I cant even remember what I was so worked up about.. Sooo.... This too shall pass! :)

Sandilya said...
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Sandilya said...

Nice one !!!!
Simple and Straight ....
I am born with this "I sleep like a dead log" trait. So all these don't seem like problems to me at all,though I get to hear too many people complaints

Anonymous said...

I know you. You need to sleep. The energy and electricity will be back and so will the Adi I know.

Yogesh said...

blogworld definitely need bloggers like you..keep it up...good work

darthvader said...

darthvader said...

Beer helps keep the mind numb...;)...kiddin

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