Sunday, November 02, 2008

A slice of heaven called Home

Most of the people who read this blog will know how much I love Hyderabad. For the ignorant rest, I'm one of those who proclaimed that he would never leave this city no matter what.

So after an eventful 4 months at NITIE, I left for Hyderabad after an equally eventful post-Prerana (annual business fest) party at Rodas. Felt like I was leaving my new home and heading back to my old one. But I had been long awaiting the trip to Hyd.

First it started off with a surprise at home, the folks thought I was coming down on the 27th, but there I was on the 26th itself. Was good to see smiles all around. After a day of resting and Diwali shopping, it was a visit to meet the extended family. Diwalis in our household mean lots of good food, the special programmes on TV and more family time. No bursting crackers and polluting the environment, and I'm proud of that.

After Diwali , the floodgates opened, I met lots and lots of my friends. It was awesome catching up. Most of them thought that my receding hairline was becoming evident, a few thought I had become less talkative, one even thought I had become "uncle" like. "Darn ! I'm still 21," I retorted.

I went for a movie called Chintakayala Ravi starring Venkatesh in one of those old Hyderabadi theatres for a ticket that cost only Rs.30. Yes such places still exist, they might not have the comfort of multiplexes, but they certainly feel good. That evening I visited the University of Hyderabad, which I must say has one of the most beautiful campuses I have seen. There was a chill in the air which is typical of a Hyderabadi winter which unfortunately I will miss this year. Lets hope the Mumbai winter can be some consolation atleast.

I also had the oppurtunity to watch "Unspoken Dialogues", a theatre production directed and performed by Alyque Padamsee and his team. A good mix of sensible, funny and thought provoking theatre is exactly what the Hyderabadis need.

I'll be heading back to NITIE soon. But with a heavy heart, I say to the city that will be closest to my heart, " I will be back."

Varanam Aayiram is playing on Winamp. Check out the album.


mutineer said...

"I'm one of those who proclaimed that he would never leave this city no matter what." -------> liar !! u wanna go settle in madras !!! :P

@rest - gud stuff as usual ! i miss hyd ! :)

Naisargi said...

I miss hyd too! :((


hey adi i too miss hyd man!! its good that u had lots of good we had lots of assignments at the same time:))

Quicksilver said...

@mutineer - you and me both know the reasons ;)

Leena said...

I miss Diwali, good-old friends, family, food! For now I'll just shout - "Lucky you!"

nativealien said...

I heart Hyd! :)

ghfg said...

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