Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A scapegoat of Dynasty Politics

This is the story a man named Dayanidhi Maran. A Saggitarian, a tech savvy and smartly dressed politician who has been made the scapegoat in the ruckus of dynasty politics of Tamilnadu.

The History :
In November 2004, Mr.Murasoli Maran, Dr.Karunanidhi's nephew passed away leaving the constituency of Central Chennai without a candidate for the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections. The DMK leadership chose the then 28 year old Dayanidhi, shy younger son of Mr.Maran as a replacement. Dayanidhi was new to politics but he had a resounding victory in the constituency that was previously's his father's bastion and a DMK stronghold.
He was sworn in as Minister for IT and Telecom which is one of India's growing sectors. This did not sit well with other DMK contenders for they did not quite appreciate a rookie being given a ministry on his first trip to Delhi.

The Flash point :
Dinakaran, a Tamil Daily published an opinion poll about who would be the successor of the Octogenarian Leader of Tamilnadu. M.K.Stalin was shown as the obvious choice of the Tamil junta. This did not go down too well with M.K.Azhagiri, elder son of the leader and Don of Madurai. His infuriated supporters set the Dinakaran office in Madurai ablaze in the presence of 44 Police Personnel. A typical tamil movie scene, my fellow tamil movie goers would agree. Reel life isn't that far fetched from Real life after all.

The Aftermath : The party blames Dayanidhi Maran for indulging in anti-party activities and asks for his head. The senior leadership gets what it wants and Mr.Dayanidhi Maran leaves his position much to the discontent of many industry experts as he was one of the more industry friendly ministers.
Well !! What can I say. NICE GUYS FINISH LAST .


Leena said...

Beware the wrath of the Son! Now we will have a person well versed in taming sheep taking care of our IT sector! I hope this legacy of sons in politics ends. We need educated Leaders and not fanatics!

Anonymous said...

so tru...nice guys do indeed finish last

Anonymous said...

sriram:well u see this is india and this country is badly in need of dictator,i guess we have had enough of these power hungry politicians .....
well its sad that a a bright and young leader like dayanidhi maran has fallen victim to petty and senseless dynasty politics

Velcro said...

Very well said. Nice one.

@Sriram: Find the dictator first.

Anonymous said...

Very well written adity,very well
india is in enough trouble

ghfg said...

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