Saturday, April 29, 2006

Half Way Through & Homicidal

Who would think that a normal, sane & a mostly peaceful kinda guy would be driven to dream of killing ?
Ah yes !! All your hands go up. All you guys are writing or have written your semester exams. I see the connection. Those horribly vague papers would turn a "chicken" of a guy violent. But who cares, in the end we all need a B.Tech & I see no one doing anything about it. Enough of cribbing I say, my blogs have always been good-humoured & will remain so.
I'm halfway through my exams & pretty much its a li'l more relaxing from now since I have 2 or 3 days gap between two exams. On this day which marks "Hairstylist Day" I was considering a shave, but then it is an idiosyncracy or more like a ritual during the exams to have a rugged look (not because the girls like it,mind you) because I'm portraying "Hmph ! I don't have time to shave also".
Hey,have you heard of that poor Tam girl Kaavya Viswanathan? I know what she did was wrong but can't the US Justice Dept. excuse her, even the affected party Ms. Megan McCafferty did not press any charges. Obviously you all must've understood why I support her cause... She's absolutely gorgeous & she's 19. *Drooling*
By the way, exams can be a very entertaining exercise at times. Here's a small excerpt from a viva session that we had :
External Examiner(EE): What are rectifiers ?
Student: **gives wrong answer**
EE:What is rectification ?
S:**again...wrong answer**
This goes on for around 5 minutes.
EE: From where did you study ?
S: HPS,Begumpet
EE: **Bangs her head**,From where did you study ?
S: HPS,Begumpet ma'am...near the airport
EE:**bursts out laughing** I meant which book baabu ?
S: eerrr..ummm
Whole Lab: hahahaha ...
Me(Just leaving the lab):ROTFL
This is what someone wrote in the answer sheet of an Electronics Paper which we all agree was a little too lengthy.
Q1: *Answered well*
Q2: *Answered badly*
Q3:*Answered half correct*
Q4:*Didn't have time to finish*
Composition: Why you shouldn't fail me in this exam ?
1.I have 76% in my first year
2.I have 70% in 2-1.
3.I never failed in any subject.
4.I have 80+ attendence percentage.
5.I have taken part in many extra curricular activities.
6.I heard once a person fails in EDC, it is difficult to pass.
7.I lost my lucky pen on the way to college.
8.A cat crossed my path just as I was leaving home.
9.I did not have breakfast before writing the exam.
10.I did my EDC lab exam very well.
Well if this guy clears his exam,I'm gonna follow his path lotsa times in the future. But I shouldnt be making fun of this , coz honestly I didn't write my paper too well either & I hope I don't flunk or anything.
Damn ! I have scared myself now. Touchwood .. Touchwood. God save me.
I'd better go study for Metallurgy now.


Anonymous said...


this is nisha!!!!!!!!!!!!
luved wat u wrote re. n bout dat gurl kaavya..........i think she shud not b excused as cheating is not pardonable n ppl like dese put our country 2 shame. damm..cudn't she hav written something of her own. ppl today just want easy money..........don't dey!!

anywayz liked wat u wrote bout urself n nowi'll frequently visit ur blog.




Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it sure is an entertaining period. Interesting candidates man. Who was the second one?

Viswanathan should be punished man. Whether you like her or not is irrelevant :p

Anonymous said...

ooh, You've got a fan !

Anyways, Do well with your exams

PS: Helix, I'll haunt you till you put up a session :)

Quicksilver said...

@anonymous i think i know who you are !!

Anonymous said...

hell......too good great blog...really really funny...hats off 2 u and your humourone...keep up the gud wrk!!

Reddevil said...

Hey! man had a similar experience in my project viva... but the only difference was that..he didnot ask me anything.. That guy just looked at me(Gave a 'I know that u dont know anything' look) and said u may go...

Quicksilver said...

dude - the dumb guy wasn't me :P :P

Akshay said...

ah yes the misery of the xamz....its funny wen u luk bak it though...

i'm on the home stretch...

the force is guiding me home...

may the force be with u

Thecky said...

Good imagination, especially, the 10 excuses. You come across as a socially aware person who ponders on current issues. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

thats seriously cool man... do lemme know if that fella passes his exam...will give it a try too... :-P


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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