Sunday, August 21, 2016

A holiday in the life of...

I had a couple of days away from work last week & decided to stay home in Pune instead of a quick dash down south because my folks had come over. I decided to spend those days lazing, reading copiously and eclectically of the internet, re-watch some classics & finish up certain mundane tasks that I've left undone for a while. So basically a holiday in the life of me reads a little like this -

Wake up at regular time.
Daydream over the morning cup of coffee while "intently" listening to what the Mrs says.
Flick on random TV channel for company.
Tablet in one hand and phone in the other, open multiple articles from StoryPick, Buzzfeed, Yourstory from across the Facebook & Twitter platforms.
Restart wi-fi when it acts funny.
Walk down to the grocery store multiple times or just accompany Ma since she doesn't know Hindi numbers too well.
Curse the TV for not having great content.
Eat healthy.
Partner the Mrs when she goes for a walk.
Redecorate (read: move around) furniture and other stuff to make the home seem upgraded.
Get Govt related documentation done.
Wonder what will happen to traditional businesses as some of them slowly fade away (I have an interesting story about how I hardly find any Stationery shops anymore, people either buy their writing paraphernelia and other novelties from the big stores or from the e-commerce sites).
Enjoy the newly acquired sofa.
Sleep early.

Just re-reading this post, I realize one thing . Its funny how a similar post from around 5 or 10 years ago would have been so different with regard to a few subjects while some of the core aspects remain the same.
I guess our perspectives about many acquired tastes (say Movies, Cuisines) in life change/erode/edit themselves as we meander through life, but the core values (say Morals, Habits) of an individual seem to have borderline recalibrations. The self remains a constant in the end.

You understand ?


Nayak said...

Good to see you back! :)

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