Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm still here

Its been 13 months to the day that I wrote here last. Its been on my mind, but somehow I just didn't make it here. So much has happened since that last Park Guell post. Wow ! If one could measure life from one blogpost to another.

But anyway I'm happy to be back. I'm now married. I shifted a job profile at work. I now make haircare products for a living as opposed to saving the world. I live in a huge house and pay a bomb as rent as opposed to that just enough sized room I had rented as bachelor. I have lesser hair on my head too.

In these few months another Paris trip happened, multiple Bangalore trips happened. Visited Palakkad for the first time to get married. Goa & Madras happened after the wedding. The wife also happens to be quite the wanderlust, so thats good.

It took an early morning bus ride across old Pune from the station to Aundh to get me to write. The absolute charm of roads without traffic and the shafts of sifting sunlight between trees made me wish I was born a decade ago, when all my cities had more tree lined roads. I find it quite mysterious how I can enjoy the company of people one moment and turn into a reclusive fellow the next. Today morning was like that. It was just me, the conductor and driver on the bus for almost half an hour.

What was the point of this post ? Nothing I guess. Just to say Hello, I'm back. A blog dying is almost like some small part of the person becoming invalid. So this is my desparate attempt to revive my blog that has been a good friend for the last 8 years of my life.


Vasu said...

Same blood...

Sidd said...

parledhu bhayya ...this is a natural progression.

Phalgun said...

b$%^&* - you came to Bangalore many times, and did not call even once!