Saturday, January 09, 2010

Day 1 : China Moses & the Raphael Lemonnier Quartet

As soon as we entered, there were finger foods and drinks. A damn good setting for a jazz concert I thought.

The concert itself was fantastic. China Moses was nothing short of spectacular shifting modulations and tones reminiscent of Tina Turner. The whole show was dedicated to Dinah Washington, A famous R&B singer of the 50's. So there were a lot of interwoven stories to each song, which gave the show a real feel good factor.

Now allow me to tell you the story of about a boy from the South of France who grew upto be a pianist - Raphael Lemonnier, his french dimple and the magic that his fingers do when they touch the piano were easily the show stealers.

Then there was Fabien Marcoz on the cello with his brilliant solos and the drummer Jean Pierre Eroauard and his sense of humour.

A fabulous experience of listening to Jazz live in Hyderabad. Now how many people can boast of that.

PS: Random fact. Apparently the Jazz singer always makes best friends with the Cellist.

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