Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is this really March ?

An assignment done, A meeting over, quite some work done.

My wing is almost empty now, the light in the corridor hardly ever works. It adds to the mood in a way. The lights in my room are switched off most of the time.

Arvind loaned me his speakers for the night. Floyd, Metallica, Coldplay are playing at just the right Loud volume. I'm considering including Indipop from the 90s and Ilayaraja in the playlist.

An unusual cool breeze is sweeping across the pond to reach my room, the leaves outside rustle and make a harmony of their own. The moon is peeking through the gap between the leaves. At the distance I can see the Hiranandani skyline beyond Powai Lake. A conversation on Gtalk makes me think and smile.

Not many nights can be spent better than this.


Anonymous said...

You romanticize everything.. :P ... you should write novels, fiction of course...or better yet..poems ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

you havent lost that loving feeling...have you? masti aur pyar ke din dohorayein, guzrein huey pal yaad dilaye. door mulk mein bade miyan ka salaam.

Manoj said...

Perfect time for you to play the song 'Wake me up when September ends' ;)))

ghfg said...

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