Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Midnight's Road

I have often felt midnights. Many at home, and a few on my travels across the country. Now midnights are routine at NITIE. And when things become routine, that is when their beauty is lost.

Notice how I said "felt" midnights in the first line. Yes you actually do more than see things, you feel or experience them. I try to soak in everything and make an experience out of them so that they remain etched in my memory forever. Also I am blessed/cursed with a good memory. Midnights in Hyderabad used to be brilliant, since I stayed a predominantly residential area, you would never hear any noise (except this one prick IT professional who would keep honking to wake his watchman around 1am every night), the roads glistened in the orange haze of the streetlights and there was always a pleasant smell in the air owing to the trees around methinks.

It is the same almost everywhere in India. Midnights or late nights or mornings before the sunrise are truly the best times to actually discover any place in. Bombay after 1am, a brightly lit metropolis with very few cars on the road, the occasional policeman keeping vigil, the chai waala on his cycle and lots of unknown faces tucked under their blankets would sum it up.

NITIE or atleast the area between the hostels always has activity upto 2-3 am atleast, so I think those times have become too routine for me to experience anything serene, but sunrise is usually awesome. 6am and everyone will be asleep, the sun will throw its reflection on the waters of the scanty NITIE pond and air is moist and chilly. The Tea stall outside the Outer Gate is open early and always happy to see a NITIEan up that early. So here's hoping to soak in a few more of those early mornings in NITIE or Hyderabad or wherever life takes me henceforth.


vindhya said...

@chennai,12.a.m: i have a cat sleeping under my bed clawing my clothes that i have to drive out.
i have tea and gossip at tiffany's
i am stuck in lab cursing the damned experiment.
i lie on my bed listening to the ruffling of leaves outside my window before i hear a monkey land on my window..
i am out doing a whole lot of other things equally nocturnal.
anyway.midnights are.. mundane really
and adi really needs better things to romance about.

Anonymous said...

at NITIE the day begins at 4 in the evening and ends at 3 in the morning...the only time you sleep is during the lectures :p

Little Corporal said...

you actually do more than see things, you feel or experience them... beautiful thought!!

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean by feeling midnights, or just feeling the night as a matter of fact. I had that experience for the first time a few weeks ago, then thursday nights by myself became a routine and not so special anymore. But the very first time I could hear whatever my brain was thinking and its thoughts so clearly. It was a beautiful half hour.

Vasu said...

yup... Marginal utility of midnights does come down when consumption increases thereby increasing their marginal cost of consumption and resulting in dropping demand... But when midnights are being 'dumped', we gotta find some motivation to increase their demand :D

Unknown said...

The serene, quiet, atmosphere reminds me of the many nightouts and mid-night speedings i had with my friends during our so called iit-jee preparation..hehe! Looks like NITIE is fun..

ghfg said...

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