Friday, June 15, 2007

A Public Service Message :)

Frustration leads to anger leads to creative surges. Hours of waiting in the traffic and daredevil auto drivers have lead to this.
The Tortured Artist
PS: Art and Concept by Aditya G Narayanan :P


Unknown said...

good one adi..i wish there was more of these the end of the day,it all comes down 2 common sense..but i like !!

Vemana said...

Ants are practical man.. they know their work.. we humans live in an illusion tht we might be from krypton or from germany.. so we try all those cool swerves u see

juli alias Arun said...

Frustration leads to anger
Traffic chaos are increasing
day by day ..everyone thinks breaking signals is a fashon these days.One small mistake leads to a hrs of traffic JAM ..ppl are always in a hurry .

Anonymous said...

hmm.. true.. ants follow the lines coz the first ant tht finds food at any place leaves a trail of some kinda chemical from its body to its hideout.. so the other ants follow it as a route..
on a completely diff note.. humans are ego centric ________s and cme wat may.. they wanna b the first ones to get out of any kinda mess.. thereby ending up in mess altogethr.. dumb i know..
as dumb as this comment here :P
ciao! :)

Unknown said...

taking it too personally Mr Narayanan? good show... :)

Velcro said...

"Creative Surge"

loved the fit of the word in the sentence... :)B-E-A-utiful

P.S: Guy on cruiser...Puppy??? :P

seenew said...

kewl 1 man..i think this one shud really be publicised by our traffic department..

Sameer said...

Hi Aditya
We're working on an initiative to keep the left lane free at the Cyber Towers Junction. I was given the link by a colleague of mine.
Please check out

If you're interested, please forward the link to others and join in the initiative. We're planning to have some activity next week around this . We need to get more folks to join in, that's the only way this initiative can be successful.

Sameer Mehta

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