Thursday, January 25, 2007

An "INTER"mission

People have always applauded my choice of titles especially after HAMARI AZZURRI KAHANI. So it is only fair that I explain what this one means. Well for most people Intermediate ie. +1,+2 life is hell, but for us at Kakatiya it was quite the opposite. It was almost like a pleasant break from the ratrace of life that people used to experience at that point of time, thus the title.
This is a very(*thrice*) brief account of the five of us and our two years together. Alphabetically:
Mr.Abdul Rehman BBA
Mr.Achyuth Reddy B.Tech
Mr.Aditya G Narayanan B.Tech
Mr.Nitin Prahlad B.Tech
Dr.Vishwajit Reddy MBBS
We have known each other for five years and have seen each other going major metamorphoses. It has been an awesome experience getting to know each one of them, each damn special in their own way. Rehman,Achyuth and Me started out as being the only sensible people in an otherwise dumb class. Nitin and Vishwajit joined us the next year,Vizzy being the only non Math guy. It was the best combination of acads and fun that one could ask for, though I still feel I could have done better,had it not been for the complications that I brought upon myself.
We had the most iconic lecturers around like -
Mr.Ramarao used to call Rehman - REHMIN and me - ADICHA
Mr.Subramanyam taught the periodic table like a slokam(thats why I can remember it well probably)
Mr.Raghavulu and his voice which was nicknamed SONIC BOOM due to its loudness
Mrs. Neeraja for her sheer sweetness and mass
Mr.Sudhir and his antics
Mr.Venugoal with his "EM RA !!!"
the SLIMY MR.NAIDU (need I say more). All people that we shall never forget in our lives.
We are still remembered in junior college as the TERRORIST batch because of all the mischief we were upto. But we were all spared since we managed good scores, thanks to me who all the above mentioned buggers copied from. There was also this specimen of a guy in class called Naveen. He was like a 7 yr old kid in a big exhibition for whom all the lecturers were toys, the way he annoyed them is now legend in Kakatiya circles.
We loved college so much so that we would come back to study(read DO RANDOM TIMEPASS) at college in the evenings. We knew everyone and everyone knew us. We hardly ever bunked college since college was so much fun. More frequently than class, we were at Roheed Bakery, Kakatiya's equivalent of Pop Tate's. Then there was this ritual we had, which we called THE WORLD TOUR. Since we always ended up finishing our lunch in the period prior to lunch, we were free for a whole half hour. This is when all of us used to visit every boys' toilet in the building. The boys' loos were on the 1st,3rd and 5th floors and we loved 'em. We used to steal tubelight starters and we(one of us) even lit a laddi in the loo with the help of a mosquito coil acting as a timer.Now thats home grown technology for you!
Whenever I meet these guys its always a riot, we're always laughing our tummies into an ache. Since Rehman is in Melbourne,we usually do our laughing online with those smileys. Thanks to Yahoo for that, We're Smiley people. He had recently come down for a holiday and one day we met at Sarovar and drove the people there mad. It had been sometime since I had laughed that hard. That night I was so bloody high on WACKINESS QUOTIENT that I wrote a few funny stories which a few of my friends totally loved.
I had been in quite a fix over a few things over the last few days. Thankfullu,this day has been a good day - spent quality time with people who genuinely cared about me , got to know a few encouraging things and experienced an excruciatingly exciting(these things are called Alliterations :)) drive courtesy of Achyuth's psychotically in-control driving.
Next on the agenda for my next fun outing(which will be after Nirvana) is Paintball. Recently saw an ad saying it has been launched in Hyderabad at Jalavihar. Anyone Game ??


Vemana said...

Inter is the time i really had fun though i wasnt in a totally shit hole.. Somehow i dont repent tht i screwed THose years rock man...

p.s:i heard tht the paintball thing rocks..though expensive

Vemana said...

*was not wasnt.. tht mistake changes everything i guess

Anonymous said...

so u enjoyed a lot
wish even i was there with u in inter[:P]

Isha said...

haha.. adicha had a nice time rite? has your friend taken off to aussie agen? ... paintball is fun (esp the next day after playing it) rofl

prateek aka pratsphinx said...

I envy you man(bearing in mind the toil and flop show I had in those two years)

Kashish said...

Hmmm...knew u guys closely arnd tht tym n its gud 2 kno tht unlike a lot of us u cherish those days...n continue to hold on 2 wat u had...n (ahem ahem) at least some of us kno tht there was more 2 the world tours than just the loo's.....

Anonymous said...

PAintball certainly rocks dude....i was there last nite n it was an awesome experience....the ambience was excellent....the shack gave a total goa feeling

Unknown said...

i,ve lived nother life of tht two years by reading through...
it was really good(cun express the feelings) to b in kakatiya.
c ya guys soon in hyd.

Anonymous said...


I have been interested in paintball, could you tell me where is it in Hyderabad and any contact nos? website? etc.

Would appreciate if you can email email the details to


Anonymous said...

hi raju get ur balls on the rampage at paintball zone at jalvihar necklace road.

hey if u wanna shake ur booty with ur girl hop in for some live clubbin experience with paintball ofcourse + all the liquids


Unknown said...

hey theres a new paintball site opened and its awsome you should chek it out in hyderabad

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