Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love what you do !

It was another boring Thurday afternoon. I got home dog-tired just to find that my Daddy dearest hadn't left the keys behind. So I called him & he said he would get home in a few minutes as he was somewhere nearby.
Since I had a friend for company,I didn't mind too much. I switched on the radio on my new phone and was forced to listen to the numbers that the FM stations were playing. My ears were busy with the horribly plagiarised music that one gets to hear these days. But my eyes were wandering about,gazing at the clear blue sky with a few blemishes of the spongy white cloud here and there. I wonder if something very prosaic like Physics can explain the magnificence of such a beautiful sight. Scattering of light,they say !!
A few minutes hence,I saw a sparrow flying happily towards wherever it was heading. Suddenly out of the blue (literally !!) came an Eagle and snatched it with its talons, ripping the very life out of it.In Greek mythology,this was a sign of imminent war or a period of struggle. Hope it doesn't mean the same in Modern Indian Mythology.I felt sorry for the sparrow at first, but then I realised its nature's law. All a part of the food chain.
I started telling my friend about how lucky these predators of nature are. "Why ??!!" you ask. Well,simple I say these guys work their socks (I know they don't wear any, but its a figure of speech) off, to feed themselves and those who depend on them. They love doing it & for most of them it is the only thing they have to do apart from reproduction exercises.
Compared to them, we humans are a lazy lot. We(most of us) hate to work. We do it just because we are getting paid. Then there are those benevolent few who follow the true Marxist teachings and love what they do,simply because it satisfies them. Allow me to illustrate :-
I hate to study,I know as a student that is the only thing I should really be doing. But there is a small fest in an insignificant college called MGIT which goes by the name NIRVANA. Needless to say,I have been a part of it for two years, and this fest has given me some of the most cherished memories in my life. So no matter what I get back ,I will work tirelessly for it. Now wouldn't it be a wonder if I started thinking about other things in my life with an equivalent amount of passion. Maybe that is what old Karl was trying to tell us when he was putting forth his theories.
I wouldn't go the extent of saying WORK IS WORSHIP,but definitely make sure its fun. Of course what I'm saying now, doesn't apply to Explorers, Ice Cream tasters, Fighter Pilots and Sportsmen.


Anonymous said...

Love what you do....everyone knows this, but how many of us really know it...nice topic quicky...but how can u tell that this eagle loved doing what it could be it that it just kills because it knows only that,it knows it has to feed and just feeds...what would really be amazing is if this eagle found that it loved to fly and cared and did nothing more than fly...till it perfected jonathan livingston seagull

Anonymous said...

And ur Dad actually doubted u attending the collg...was it for the first time??...:)

Anonymous said...

eeee...who said life gets sadder by sitting in an office...?doing the work u do? usually not the case...maslow does say that your needs come first :P .. but its ultimately whether u like what u r doing or n downs and all.. if u dont like what u r doing..n u still do it... then yes... u probly deserve the sad life...

PS: u=any person-- hey aaad.. hope u r the last person on earth to relate to the U... :P .. supp anyways?

Anonymous said...

Hey cool blog baap.Its a very debatable issue.My personal take on this would be,walk away if your not enjoyin what your doing.Im sure there are a good number of people out there who will agree with me.

Anonymous said...

nice one dmitri

Anonymous said...

Nice…Learn to love what you are doing…but there’s one basic principle that undermines this- ‘Too Long, Too Bore…’ As the life of an activity increases, it inevitably gets boring. Probably, we find these academic books boring as we have been reading them for bloody 17 years now, for bloody hell most of our lives! Though not to be forgotten is the fact that inspite of my personal dislike for these books, in quite a paradoxical way, I still love them a lot. Every exam beginning from our kindergarten, I am sure none enjoyed it, and surely all felt it to be a pain in the ass. But it’s this pain that we endured and it’s this pain that taught us to do what we are doing so consummately now- reading and writing in an other language than our mother tongue and not-to-forget commenting on a beautiful blog ;-) !!!

Returning to our opinion of Too Long Too Bore, I feel there’s one distinct margin that separates a dilettante from a veteran. An amateur is optimistic and foolish enough to believe in the above principle, and gets bored by things quickly enough. And that’s the reason he is never able to hone his skills in damn anything. But hey, a veteran at something is never bored of his profession; it’s this tireless affection for it that escalates the value and worth of both.

And Aditya to end it, make sure you never get bored of Nirvana, we expect something out of ordinary from you !!!

PS: With you and I, and more 2000 belonging to MGIT, it can never be insignificant.

Anonymous said...

hey abt ur InTeR mission... u hit da bulls eye..... coz not only ddid u guyz undergo metamorphosis... but so did i.... frm being outside a cocoon, 2 bein in one for 2 yrs and now flyin high (like an eagle.... lemme not now say...BE VIGILANT.... hail hps n kakatiya)

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