Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stevey Mate ! We'll miss ya

Steve Irwin you were a Bonzer(aussie for good guy) mate ! The Crocodile Hunter, was an Australian naturalist, wildlife expert and television personality, best known for his television series The Crocodile Hunter.
His father started the Queensland Flora & Fauna park, which he took over in 1992. He renamed it Australia Zoo. It has set an example to many of the western zoological parks about new age Animal Management. His exuberant and enthusiastic presenting style, broad Australian accent, constant wearing of khakis and catch-phrase "Crikey!" became known worldwide. In 2002 the Australia Zoo was voted Queensland's top tourist attraction.His immense popularity in the United States meant he often promoted Australia as a tourist destination there.
In 2001, Irwin appeared in a cameo role in the Eddie Murphy film Dr. Dolittle 2. In 2002, his first and only feature film The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course was released.There's a lot that can be written about this great wildlife revolutionary... if you can call him that.
Irwin died whilst filming underwater documentary footage, when a stingray extended its barb into his chest, puncturing his heart. THE WORLD WILL MISS YOU,MATE !!


Anonymous said...

there was a southpark episode i saw with steve irwin in....they make fun of him....showing him kelkuing animals that go bout thei buisness and then sticking his thumb up their a** ...lol was funny to watch...and though the kelkuing part is kinda true...his show rocked man...risking his life for home entertainment+knowledge how many people can u find who will believe in that

Anonymous said...

He was an amazing person! I used to wonder if he was immune to fear. We'll miss him.. sorely.

Velcro said...

Yes, he is a great wildlife revolutionary as you said. I wonder why all revolutionists die young!!??
He was a true adventure lover and a real croc enthusiast. He was a master in catching the wide-mouthed crocs. We have lost a great guy, truly.

Velcro said...

Couple of his famous quotes:
"I would never blame an animal if it bit me, because I'm at fault, not
them. I heal so quickly. If you cut my arm off I would grow a new one."

"Crikey, mate. You're far safer dealing with crocodiles and western
diamondback rattlesnakes than the executives and the producers and all
those sharks in the big MGM building."

Anonymous said...


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