Saturday, July 22, 2006

The God of Little things

Have you ever taken time of to think about those small little mundane things which you never really gave a second thought about ?? Things that you took for granted, suddenly when you experience them give you that rush all over again.

I have always been a person who was too busy doing a million things in life & never took time off to see those little things in life that gave you the most heartwarming feeling. It has only been in the last few weeks that my life has been moving at a pace that even a snail would be ashamed of.

But a few incidents here & there have brought genuine smiles to my grim visage. First there was this little kid from the US who kept making me jealous about the amazing walks she took along Lake Michigan. I thought,well my college has a lake near it too, so I shall go for a walk also. So finally my benchmates & I took off from Kinematics of Machines class at around 10.30 am. Armed with two packets of Potato chips we started for the walk. We reached & sat on the wall adjoining the lake. Then we thought, why not get closer to water. The walk was now becoming an adventure. The wind velocity was now several knotts higher, we took off our shirts & sat along the bank on rock admiring the different shades of blue that the Osman Sagar was parading. It was still 11.30, we kept walking till we were finally totally out of fuel. It was 1 pm. We finally ended the walk when we reached the Khanapur bus stop & then we hurriedly got back to college dreading the thought of sitting in the class especially since there were regular powercuts. This little excursion of mine revealed to me how a quiet little walk with genuinely caring people along with Nature’s splendour can just make your day. So next time a friend says,” Mama,Gandipet podham..”, do not refuse. It might just make your day.

More little things were coming my way.I got home from college this evening to see a little box with multicoloured wrapping paper sitting gleefully on my table. It had arrived by courier apparently. immediately I read the from address & started ripping the paper apart. Inside lay the smartest radio in the world, it was shaped like a football with two legs. The feeling inside when an old friend actually remembers what you like & actually makes it a point to send it over to you even though you are at different locations now, you realise that some people are always meant to be a part of your life. These friends will stay on like a pyramid through time,unfazed by the weather or time to stand testament to their affection for you.

The day doesnt end there. We had a little cousins day out,which is very rare in my family since we hardly get to see each other. I was initially thinking that since all of us were different people we would hardly have anything in common & we would just eat & leave. But to my surprise, we had all grown up to become fine young men & women without any of us realising it. The games arcade was the best part of the night, with me realising that not only did I love football,but now I loved foosball too. Methinks I should spend more time with my family also. Thanks guys !

We’re still talking about the same night, I’m just planning to hit the bed when me & a friend hit of on this really thought provoking conversation about life, and how dogs & buffaloes have more fun than we humans do. All we do is worry about the future & are busy doing something about it in the present. When I was on my walk I noticed a herd of buffaloes, all they did was graze around all day, drop dung wherever they like & the only thing asked of them was to give milk, another human necessity. Buffaloes are lucky. Period ! She then asked me,” Adi, what would you like to be reborn as ? “. I probed & probed, then pat came the answer. HUMAN. I went to the extent of saying that I would like to be reborn as myself. No matter how much we suffer or curse our boring lives, I’m sure none of us would ever want to give up what we are.



Anonymous said...

little thingssss!!!!! u call those LITTLE THINGS???? :p:p
a walk for 2hrs by a lake (there r 7 LAKES in IIMC… n yes..IT”S STILL ON MY MIND) … multicoloured wrapping… (sniff sniff).. a day off with cousins.. FOOOOOOOOSBALL…. nothing’s “little” … its only when u dont get to “be-there-do-that” that u realize how big it all was!!

u made me think of allll the things that i missss!!!

cheers on the shift(back..i mean :P)
pratsha aka dmitri

PS: buffaloes are cuter !!!!
PSPS: as noticed..its a copy of the comment on wordpress :)

Nithya said...

i know who sent u the gift :P

Anonymous said...


Nice shift of blog

PS: You seem to be having quite a ball with everything you do !

Anonymous said...

hey adi!! gr8 job da….!!!damn sweet n thoda hatke!! n i totally agree wid ur moral ……keep bloggin….

Anonymous said...

hey..nice one there…n very true too..its the little things which matter most..

Anonymous said...

man congrats for waking from ur long lost sleep !! i am happy for u, if u would have woken up earlier it would have been good but no probs but remember one thing when life comes to a question of life and death only small things matter the most(sorry for becoming so sentimental)and from next time if u want a complete guided tour of gandipe,lake and the rocks/forest surrounding i am always there to help…………….

Anonymous said...

adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii man i love ur blogs….. seriously……..

Anonymous said...

wonderful!! :)

Anonymous said...

“MAMA…Gandipet podham”!!!!!!

dude…A great post after a long time…
Goin to Gandipet,bunkin college…Walk till Khanapur…shirts off!!!! Definitely missed it…waiting to cya in coll to kick some butt for leaving ur adventure-mate… >:P

Anonymous said...

chalo.. malli podham i too love long walks..

Anonymous said...

i can soooo understand the importance of little things!!:(( stuck up in a place which seems like hell,.... any tiny lil thing would b heaven!!!!waitin 4 2 yrs 2 go zoom!!:D

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