Friday, November 04, 2005

Semester Blues !!

It should come as a surprise to many that I'm blogging for the first time with my 1st semester exams just 2 days away. This whole time has been very uneventful for me. I effectively screwed my labs . I'm not able to focus on that very important ALL-IN-ONE which can make a dumbass into a topper (i'm neither ). Its strange I know...I was stuck to my text books in the 1st year & I ended up with a 73 %. People who relied only on the abover mentioned book ended up scoring much better than me. Thus I have lost hope in the whole institution of "understanding what you study". I guess people who have higher numbers on their marksheets are of greater value though I beg to differ.
My efforts to be a good engineer might be in vain. I have joined the IEEE & I'm the Treasurer of the ISTE, two of the more prestigious engineering societies. But there haven't been any activities as yet. But I won't lose hope. As for myplans for the future. I'm planning to abandon Engineering as a whole. For what you say ... ?? For the CIVIL SERVICES. Yeah it has been my dream since I was a kid that I might become an awe-inspiring Police officer someday. But as you all must know it requires a lot of hardwork & well it would be safe to say that hardwork & aditya never go together.
But as for now I'm planning to get my ass away from the computer , try to browse through the ALL-IN- ONE & hopefully get a little of it into my head. So until next time..BON NUIT !!


Chaitanya said...

Awe inspiring police officer eh? Good to hear that. Dont worry about the hard work part. Once you get into this, your ass will constantly be under fire and you'll find yourself working like hell even if you dont want to.

Ravi said...

all the best my boy!!!!! go kick those butts bulging with black money!!

Anonymous said...

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