Saturday, November 12, 2005

Do clothes actually maketh the man ?

We've heard this on many occasions " IT IS THE CLOTHES THAT MAKETH THE MAN ". Dont know how this whole notion started off but I'm sure it is justified in the present day. According to me there a few DEFINED style trends prevalent among the youth today. Trust me I'm no style guru but I know my clothes -
1. HIP-HOP : This style has been popularised by the rappers in da hood. Everything about this stlye is loose. The pants cant seem to stay on... the shirts are so huge two people could fit into them. Also involves a whole lot of accesories like thick chains , wrist bands , bandanas & big rings.
2.LAIDBACK: This is what you will find me usually in & most of the people in. Constitutes a pair of jeans , tees or shirts & sandals. Nothing flamboyant but slick.
3.TRENDY: This is probably the most eye-catching of all the styles. Smart solid shirts , crisp pants, boots , a snazzy watch , cool shades & to top it off a neat blazer. Try this & temme if you dont get the right response.
4.RUGGED:This is the total badboy look. Cargos are a must. Well a sleeveless jacket works wonders. Printless tees & shirts work on da inside. Solid shoes definitely add character. Aviators & cool watches are essential. But the most important part of it is the UNSHAVEN BEARD...
This is my assessment & mine only !! So till next time STAY STYLISH


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