Thursday, January 24, 2019

The year that was...2018

Most of you have read my blog over the last 14 years (the last few years which have been supremely dormant), know that I like doing “the year that was” summaries. So here we go.

2018, perhaps my most challenging year professionally was strangely the most fulfilling one too. But of course, we aren’t going to delve into.In hindsight, I can say with confidence, a challenge is always a learning experience in disguise. (Cliché much)

I have well and truly started calling Nairobi home. Everything here spoils you, the raw beauty of the  landscapes, the fun/intelligent/passionate people and of course the accessibility to wildlife. It has its share of challenges, but you all know that I am an eternal optimist.

The baby became a little man. He babbled, he ran, he drove his parents up the wall, and is turning into a dapper young toddler. He has even started kindergarten this month.

I had the chance to spend a week at INSEAD for a programme at CEDEP & could explore the town of Fontainebleau too. Every now & then, I thoroughly enjoy being a student and realize how much I miss ot. 

The lows at work, slowly started turning around into highs. It did not come easy. It came with brotherhood, grit, determination, a habit of foreseeing risks, a fantastic support system both in my local team and at my HQ and some out of the box ideas. 

The journey over the last 18 months has perfectly cured (ing) my entrepreneurial itch, and has made me grow many years (in my mind and heart). I have had the chance to learn from people, who have a work experience that would equal my age. I have had the privilege of mentoring some amazing young Kenyans. I have had the chance to impact (they should be the judge of the gravity) 120 folks (families – since many of them are sole breadwinners) that work in my team.

In the last few years, I have learnt that aforementioned qualitities cannot be taught at any business or technical universities. In my humble opinion, it comes from a mixture of nurture, culture and prevailing environment and the people you surround yourself with, and the journey never ends.
The year ended very positively. My team & I pleasantly surprised many naysayers. I got to take two weeks off, spent time idling (Netflixing) in the cities of Hyderabad & Bangalore being mindful of the year that was and the journey ahead.

So with this short comeback & the hope of being here more often (as I have said many times before). I bid thee a happy and joyous 2019.


Unknown said...

You should indeed do many summaries. This is inspirational. While wishing you the best year, I will add to your challenge and mentorship program a speaking engagement with a local university... An item to cross

Unknown said...

Thanks for believing in the team and being a continuous source of inspiration. Onwards and upwards!

Unknown said...

I had to read through the old blogs. You have an amazing way to get a reader entertained. I have become a fan of your blogs.

Vijay said...

Orey, write more! Perhaps time for a debut pic of the toddler in this space. :)