Monday, November 21, 2011


*Caveat : Made this up in about 15 mins on a bus journey back from work*

Endeavour endeavour,
Give up never.

Closure and Completion
Success with determination.

Numerous are the snakes in the world,
Who will try to get your head in a twirl.

Ignore their hissing tongues,
For they are filled with venom.

Brush off those praises,
they come only in phases.

Don't mind those setbacks,
They are but small thorns in your tracks.

Make everything a memory,
for objects come with a date of expiry.

Be nice to people,
They will one day help you when you are feeble.

Believe in a cause,
Be steadfast in your thoughts.

Take one day at a time,
For the underprivileged, do spare a dime.

Let the world your actions behold,
And your legend for generations will be told.

Endeavour endeavour,
Give up never.


Akshata said...

Awesome take on life :)
The poem is really ingenuous!

Loved especially

"Make everything a memory,
for objects come with a date of expiry"


Hi Aditya,nice things well weaved together in the course of a bus journey......

Swathi said...
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Swathi said...

This post needed a comment :)

A poem this good in 15 mins, Clap Clap !!
And I second akshata on the best line too :D