Monday, March 21, 2011

Today, is this how life will be ?

Today, we have a million dreams
But not enough time, to chase after them.

Today, we have technology that makes the planet a smaller place
But where are the people that really matter.

Today, we don't need eighty days to go around the world
But where are the adventures and strange lands that once excited many explorers.

Today, we have the financial means
But where is a justifiable end.

Today, we have swanky big houses
But what has happened to the space in our hearts.

Today, we live lives of comfort and luxury
But still manage the ailmemts that our grandparents never even knew.

Today, we have those plasma screen televisions to watch sporting tournaments
But when was the last time you screamed your lungs off at a stadium.

Today, is this how life will be I ask
But obviously no answer will come.


Unknown said...

true that.

Jaya Lalwani said...

Loved it !!!

Anonymous said...


Richa said...

loved it too!!!