Monday, January 03, 2011

The Year That Was

The train ride last night didn't give me enough sleep. So this can be what you would call a "sleep-deprived" post. But here are a few fond moments from the last year.

January - Madras with Chari, the restaurant on ECR & his house bang opposite the Parthasarathy Temple, Siva's place at Pondicherry diagonally opposite Bharathidasan's house & the ancient movie theatre.

February - First time in Pune, New home, New Workplace, Lots of Firsts.

March - More Pune exploring #PMPML & by foot.

April - Implemented first big project at Work.

May - Did NITIE for the last time as a student, said lots of goodbyes too.

June - Mad rains in Bombay. Sales stints in Raigad & Ahmedabad. Worst month of the year, with some real mentally disturbing stuff happening.

July - Miracles do happen,Sales stint was cut short ; came back to Pune. Started work on a super project

August - First party with NITIE junta at Elevate. Slowly discovered late night bike rides in the Pune rains.

September - Starting playing Football in the mornings, was super.

October - Played the Corporate 5s tournament, got screwed but enjoyed every bit of it. Explored Marathi Tamasha & Naatak.

November - Made my first big investment in life - A108. Visited Shanghai, Suzhou - loved every bit of the trip.

December - Susheela Raman's powerful performance at NH7 Weekender. Polka Dots, Aundh. A taste of the good old days at Hyderabad with some awesome friends.

Lets hope 2011 lives up to its predecessor.

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