Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And so it begins...

An oft quoted line, be it wars, movies or books. Definitely brings out the whole "EPIC" that is life itself.

Why am I quoting this ? Simple, because I leave behind a fun filled, carefree, insane and interesting student life to move onto become a responsible (yeah right!)& diligent(not quite)man living a routine(now this part is true) life.

Its sort of fun in a very disciplined kind of way, like a smooth oiled machine. You know when to wake up, when to dress, when to reach the bus stop, when to buy bananas for the elephant that passes by my house everyday,when to have dinner, when to sleep etc.

I have often criticised and made fun of people who have loved routines and have prided myself in making an attempt at walking a different path. I will never know how far I have gone, but as far as I am concerned, I think the effort and the amazing time I have on that path is all that matters to me. But here I am, following a regimen myself. Its all a process of growing up people tell me. Growing up ! Yup ! Scary.

Go Bald
Get Married
Get promoted at work with a pay hike (Is this that bad)
Have Kids
Buy Furniture
Buy Life Insurance
Go to family parties
Impress the in-laws

Bugger off ! That is tough work. Just writing about it scares the hell out of me. But watch this space, for I know a few years from now, this very same "shuddering" person, will be enjoying marital bliss. Manufacturing defect I guess,I seem to enjoy everything.

About home, well its a spacious 3 bedroom flat with 4 people in it. I have a bed by the window which I keep staring out. "People watching" has become a new found hobby.

I think I'm going to buy my garbage guy a pair of gloves. But he wears a gold chain, so I'm afraid he might get offended.

I also like the little girl who takes her dog for a walk every morning.

The old couple amaze me every evening, still very much in love, still making conversation and laughing.

The flatmates are fun. All NITIEans, we go out for dinner everyday choosing from the few restaurants in the area and exchange some stories about work. The night's sleep is fantastic I should say. After a hard day, sleep is the only thing that can get you back for the next day's running around, and believe you me, working at a factory does involve a lot of running around.

My window is east facing, so I even get to see the sun rise every morning. Mornings in Pune are chill and refreshing. The area we live is on the outskirts so has little traffic compared to the bustle of the city.

So far so good, I must say. Its been good, *touch wood*. Lets hope it remains this way.


guptamanisha said...

=) these details never come up in our conversations... you need to write more often!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. Really.

Akshata said...

I can totally imagine what fun you might be having everyday. That weekend at your place was an awesomely awesome time :)
(Hint: Someone is awaiting another invite :P)