Sunday, October 28, 2007

The High Times

What does it mean to get high on alcohol ? I don't know. Maybe I will in the future, maybe I won't. But in the last few days, I have been high on life.

I have been away from all the things that I would usually have done for the last few months only to realise the futility behind what I was trying to do. Neglecting blogs, short films,films and most importanly people.

Who says Hyderabad is boring ? If you do, come spend a day with me, I'll show you a whole new city you never even knew existed. I'll tell you some of the things I did in a span of few days, you decide if that was fun or not.

Theatre - Hyderabad has been a latent place for theatre, but that all ended with the Metroplus Theatre Fest which brought to our city, theatre groups from Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. I went and watched Five Point Someone and loved it. It was an amazing experience considering I had never been to a play before and also considering that I hadn't read the book. It even had a french kiss. Who says Hyderabadis are narrow minded ? ;)

Music Concerts - This have been happening on and off for a while, but there are hardly any quality performances doing the rounds. But that all changed with Shankar Ehsaan and Loy turning up on one mildly chilly saturday night. I went with a couple of friends, one of whom was totally high after he shook hands with Shankar Mahadevan. The show was scintillating, they belted their usual repertoire of soulful yet youthful music. But you what the best part was - I GOT TO SEE IT ALL FOR FREE. Of course "Karma" had made me spend a hundred bucks to replace my broken clutch wire a few minutes before I could reach the concert. A small price to pay for some amazing music

Also I hear there are a lot of classical/fusion concerts that happen on and off. I have fallen in love with a song called Raghuvamsa Sudha, thus the sudden interest in classical music. Heard of it ?

KBR Park has been an oft visited place in the last few years. There is something absolutely serene about this green island in the midst of the hustle bustle of Jubilee Hills. Go there at 5am in the morning, sit on the rocks and stare at the world around you. You might just bump into a few celebrities, or better yet you'll find peacocks flying by.

Career Launcher, Ameerpet - Its more like another home to me these days, I not only go there to study but also to chill out, to have intellectual conversation (yeah !! right) and to get high on Ice Cream.

Watch Happy Days. Not because its shot it MGIT/CBIT, but because its a very touching movie especially for those who are in their final year of college. That movie talks of friends, and that brings me to the conclusion of this post.

Friends/People in general.

There was this article that I read recently about Tribes in the Modern World. The author tells us that in the evolving society, tribes of friends will start becoming like parallel families. I totally agree with him, friends are like family to me. I have always valued the people around me, especially those who stick around when you're not doing too good. Respect to all you guys.

I had this whole recluse phase for a few months, now I have become crazier as those who have seen me recently will agree. I shaved my three month old beard and chopped my unruly locks, replacing them with a short crop and a handlebar moustache. The cop look, I brag. Many actually agree, after a little pondering.

Exam season is around the corner and my schedule is packed, but I'm glad I took this time to get back to Blogging. Many thanks if you took some to read this.


Anonymous said...

you at ur absolute best again!!!! awesome! glad u wrote one after a long time! keep writing.... and gudluck buddy youll rock ur exam!!!

Unknown said...

Chill Out!!!...Mast timepass it is to read not as usual sticking on to one topic dis time a mixture of lot of things happening..was fun to read n yaa 1st time i liked dat khakha-khakha look of urs.

deepshikha said...

hey...good one after a long time though..anyways this reminds me of where i am going...doing nothing just sititng at home...getting bore totally.. in the name of cat prep ...rubbish...this inspires me to go n chill out a bit..thanks a lot!!!

Leena said...

Hyderabad! *sighs* theater really? you seem to be having a lot of fun - very diverse at that =p yes, Happy Days was absolutely refreshing! nostalgic! Real good post..All the Best for your exams!

Unknown said...

hey tat was fun!!!sounds lik the usual u.but u left ur earring out of it.....or was tat after u wrote this??

Anonymous said...

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Akshara Methukupalli said...

Firstly,very well written.
and Secondly,who says hydi's boring?
I mean, chuck theatres and all, even walks along Necklace road early mornings are very entertaining!Cuz, trust me, Hyd's got the MOST peculiar crowd ever and I love this place :)

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