Wednesday, February 08, 2006

r"ADI"o mirchi

This blog might basically seem like an ego trip but please, read on. The last 10 days have been the most eventful of my whole life. I have to thank my dear senior Sidhu for that ( if you read.. please care to comment). Things initially started off on Jan 29th. He called & told me that Radio Mirchi was planning to setup in Hyderabad & they were auditioning for RJs. He thought I should try. I thought "Why not ?!". So I called up the place & after half an hour of dialling finally the phone rang & I was registered for Jan 31st. So I bunked MMS lab on that day & went for this audition having no expectations whatsoever.
I went there & found a huge crowd. But all decent people no mass guys, so everything went on smoothly. I was called in for my audition 3 hrs after my alloted time, this is Hyderabad man, hota rehta. Inside was the scariest room I had ever been inside. One microphone, a bottle of water, a stool & a speaker was all I could see. Everything else was black. For a moment it felt like I was in the movie PITCH BLACK, that Vin Diesel movie in which he has inbuilt night vision.
There I had to first read a script which I did satisfactorily I think & then I had to speak extempore on a topic "SHREYA-ASIN-TRISHA" in Telugu. If I tell you how I started off, it will surely make you roll on the floor. Ahem ahem ... " EE ROJU MANAM MATLADAPOTHUNAMU MANA TOLLYWOOD LO UNNA MUGGURU YUVARATNALA GURINCHI "... after this fantabulous sentence I decided "RETREAT MY DEAR FELLOW TO THE DOMAIN THAT YOU KNOW BEST" & well... the rest of the talk was in ENGLISH. After I was done, I knew I had bombed so I sped away from the scene as if I were wearing Quicksilver's sandals (I'm talking about the original Quicksilver...not me).
Then some guy who was working there, hunted me down & summoned me back. I thought maybe with my horrifying performance I might have damaged a mic or something. But to my surprise the Lady who was one of the judges actually said, "Work on your Telugu, we'll call you back". Aaaaaaaaaa ***thats me screaming inside my head***. Was delighted. Went home & crashed. My way of calling it a day. Since it wasn't a big deal I did not tell anyone. Just a few people who I spoke to on that day.
Then two days later I was walking down a road in Punjagutta when The Lady called me again & told me that I should be there on Saturday afternoon. Call it Providence, call it first saturdays, it was a holiday that day so I could attend the final round of auditions without having to feel guilty about bunking an internal. Saturday came sooner than I expected. The morning turned out to be pleasant. I met one of my favourite people on this planet. Then by 12 on the dot I was there. As usual, it was excruciatingly time taking again... It was 2.30 by the time I went in. This time I went into the same room, but on this occasion it did not seem that claustrophobic or intimidating.
I was told about my next task -
1. Had to speak against "Hyderabad is a hi-tech city"
2.Had to speak for " Sania Mirza should wear shorter skirts"
3.Had to host a show called DR.LOVE
Topic 1 - Judge says make it controversial
I started talking about Hyderabad having heritage blah blah... then to add controversy began talking about the Congress- TDP tussle.
Topic 2 - Judge says FIRE AWAY
I do not need any help to talk FOR such a topic, so went on & on & on until the Judges could take no more & they said next topic...
Topic 3 - Judge says give nonsensical advice but make it funny
Just when I thought I had given a pretty good performance, this one made me think again, because I absolutely fired on all cylinders here. A bisexual guy calls me on the show & asks who he should go for, Suneeta or her brother Ramesh... The advice I gave will surely go down in Radio Mirchi auditioning history. The judges were laughing like they had just seen a show of THE GREAT INDIAN LAUGHTER CHALLENGE. I cannot explain how I did it, you should have been there to experience it.
After this I was called out of the recording studio & quizzed about a few things. But one little thing stood out. SECOND YEAR ENGINEERING.
They said that this was a full time job & that it would be difficult for me to do both. I asked if they could work me into a night slot. They grinned and said "GREAT SHOW , COME FOR THE INTERVIEW ON TUESDAY".
They called me again to tell me that my interview had been postponed to Wednesday afternoon at TAJ RESIDENCY.
Wednesday came, attended college half-day, went home, shaved, had lunch, put on some good clothes & went to the Taj. Here I met Ravi & Chai, CSE seniors & good friends. He stated the obvious saying that it would me another 2 hrs atleast for my interview. So both,me & Ravi loitered around for a while. Then at around 5.30 his turn came. He went & was inside for 20 minutes. As soon as he came out I bombarded him with questions. He told me that it was a chilled interview... so take light bolke.
Then at 6 it was my turn.
I went inside, one guy was familiar, the other guy was from mumbai & his name was Tapas or something. It was a fun interview. Their questions went like
When did your father slap you last ?
Were you in love ?
Do you think you have the knack to make people do wild things ?
What was the wildest thing you have done ?
How many girlfriends ?
Stuff like that. Till this it was fun, then back to ENGINEERING. Anna started saying things like we need you for 8 hours. Willing to pay you around 25,ooo but we need you full time. What the hell would I say ?? Managed to blurt ," I'm good at multitasking sir, I can work something out & do justice to both roles." Don't know if I could convince him though. Anyways they said they would get back to me on 13th. My lucky number but dunno if anything would materialise.
But what I am proud of is that out of 1500 people, the 3 MGITians who tried out made it to the last 25 & I was one of them. There were thope people, like a girl who dubbed for Ayesha Takia in Super, a girl with 8 years experience at All India Radio, a mimicry artiste from Zee FM, a whole group from Wave 9 who made it.
But all said & done THE FAIRY TALE COMES TO AN END.


Velcro said...

Everyone knows that u are good at multitasking macha..Dont bother if you are not called for again because u have done ur job and finished it with elan...If its not rADIo will be rADIo curry....You will be where u have to be...

dont let engineering hinder your progress, keep trying.One'll land among the stars...

Chaitanya said...

Vow! Good good. Be proud of yourself man.

Sashikanth Damaraju said...

I don't know whether the turn of events was hilarious or you are !

Anyways, Try coax them into giving you a part time. Tell them that you can't ditch college and stuff.

PS: When's Nirvana ?

Anonymous said...

Seems Radio mirchi did not live up to its name as it was so sweet for you. Best of luck for the future.

Anonymous said...

hi quicksilver,
That was a some really fantastic stuff thats been happening to you.....went thro your blogspot only recenlty after the rang de post and i saw this one...way out stuff machi. Multitask and go do it. Hope it works out. Best of luck for tomorrow. Your tape with kenneth williams will come soon. nice to see someone from the family dancing to a different beat.
Go get sachin used to say...

Prasoon said...

congratulations :)

twist knob said...

good work mate...but u can't ditch engineering..mgit needs you

Anonymous said...

nice to see that radio mirchi selects people with talent and not cuz of influenece,my advice to u quicky would be to do what u want,if radio mirchi is what u have always wanted,go for it.If it was something i wanted i wouldnt mind even ditching college for it(think bout it bill gates etc have done it).Time is a precious commodity Aditya and opportunity can be its best friend.Think and choose wisely.

PS:Im only a frustrated 19yr old giving u this advice,it would be wise of u to turn to ur mentor:)

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Jaya Lalwani said...

Adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! I dunno y i didnt continue to read ur blogs ever since u stoped sending notifcation mails to me..... Awesome man!!! i promise i'm gonna read one everyday hereon !!!